21 Secrets You NEVER Knew About My Little Brother (FaZe Jarvis)

21 Secrets You NEVER Knew About My Little Brother (FaZe Jarvis) ft. @FaZe Jarvis

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  1. The wheelie__kid2

    The wheelie__kid2

    21 timme sedan

    Kay should do Addison Rae

  2. ShAuN-Everything


    Dag sedan

    Are Hannah and jarvis even dating?

  3. Hybrid zBNE (Leader)

    Hybrid zBNE (Leader)

    Dag sedan

    U wrong for this one lol

  4. JRC 1826

    JRC 1826

    Dag sedan

    U copped preston

  5. Dreamer


    2 dagar sedan


  6. Wendilyn Patanao

    Wendilyn Patanao

    2 dagar sedan

    you should ask questions to Hannah have you secretly met up with a boy

  7. COolplayer Games

    COolplayer Games

    2 dagar sedan

    kay really wanted them to break up lol

  8. Dog


    2 dagar sedan

    This was funny af 😂🤣

  9. FreeMovies-2021


    3 dagar sedan

    fraizer m8 its not fair jarvis loves hannah but all the boys will definetly go for sommer ray she is a frinckin model so i belive jarvis is goood

  10. Kat C

    Kat C

    3 dagar sedan

    Kay almost tare them apart

  11. Solomon Dyakuseni

    Solomon Dyakuseni

    3 dagar sedan


  12. smangaliso siluma

    smangaliso siluma

    4 dagar sedan

    I think 🤔 he's trying to break the up because maybe he hates her or maybe he like likes her I'm just saying what he did was totally not cool I mean who does that to their own😤 brother

  13. Ahren Sidhu

    Ahren Sidhu

    4 dagar sedan

    2 secs later he won

  14. Kostadin Dimovski

    Kostadin Dimovski

    4 dagar sedan

    21th question is gonna be do you play fortnite when no one is home i am calling for it before i watch the whole entire video

  15. Team Ankle Breakers

    Team Ankle Breakers

    4 dagar sedan


  16. Silks LF

    Silks LF

    4 dagar sedan

    The guy has a alien ware m17 r4 just to use a lie detector that's the best gaming laptop

  17. Uncle William

    Uncle William

    4 dagar sedan

    Kay low key messed up for this

  18. Karmali Wilson

    Karmali Wilson

    4 dagar sedan

    And he win the fight

  19. Konstantinos Papidakis

    Konstantinos Papidakis

    4 dagar sedan

    Frazier ,t hat wasnt cool bro

  20. FiFa JJ

    FiFa JJ

    4 dagar sedan

    Im Driping in sweat the guy on the computor : heheh



    4 dagar sedan


  22. Gia Lira

    Gia Lira

    5 dagar sedan

    I need a part two

  23. Fidel Almaraz

    Fidel Almaraz

    5 dagar sedan

    Kay did him dirty poor Jarvis get him back

  24. Denika Burroughs

    Denika Burroughs

    5 dagar sedan

    Let Frazier do a lie detector test

  25. shrubby west

    shrubby west

    5 dagar sedan

    Watching this reminds me of kay and Alexa relationship 😭



    5 dagar sedan

    Where not friends anymore* there brothers

  27. HI


    5 dagar sedan

    9:12 Why is frazier clapping ???

  28. Joanne Legaspi

    Joanne Legaspi

    5 dagar sedan

    Why does it look like preston's one

  29. Frostty_in_your_box


    5 dagar sedan

    He won



    5 dagar sedan

    Kay u done fucked up on this one…

  31. Baka-


    5 dagar sedan

    who's here after jarvis destroyed Michael le

  32. minic gonzalez

    minic gonzalez

    5 dagar sedan

    Frazer you f up

  33. mohammed1salam


    5 dagar sedan

    It looks like Hannah is about to cry

  34. XxAndrewxX50


    6 dagar sedan

    and he won the fight

  35. Dylan Urquilla

    Dylan Urquilla

    6 dagar sedan

    Wow Kay just wow ur cruel

  36. Agnes Mathupe

    Agnes Mathupe

    6 dagar sedan

    Frazier is trying to get jarvis and Hannah broken up

  37. NRG tyler

    NRG tyler

    6 dagar sedan


  38. NRG tyler

    NRG tyler

    6 dagar sedan


  39. Giraffe


    6 dagar sedan

    Do people even realize that lie detectors aren't 100% accurate

  40. Giraffe


    6 dagar sedan

    6:56 how does no answer the question?

  41. Naruto 60fps

    Naruto 60fps

    6 dagar sedan

    He won the fight

  42. krynx


    6 dagar sedan

    Put k in it😈



    6 dagar sedan

    22 he’s a good fighter

  44. Weston’s trick shots 2021

    Weston’s trick shots 2021

    6 dagar sedan

    They ask are u gonna win nocks him down oof get back to dancing

  45. Believe YT

    Believe YT

    6 dagar sedan

    How to end ur brothers relationship 2.0

  46. Crazy Dee gaming

    Crazy Dee gaming

    6 dagar sedan

    Faze Kay about Jarvis fight: Hanna do u think Jarvis is going to win his fight. Hanna: Yes Faze Kay: Yea is that even a question. Me: WHY DID YOU ASK THE QUESTION THEN?

  47. Santiago the cool guy Sun and moon montero✔️

    Santiago the cool guy Sun and moon montero✔️

    6 dagar sedan

    Jarvis in 4K 😳

  48. Preston Scott

    Preston Scott

    6 dagar sedan

    Jarvis has a gf ?

  49. ghostfx


    6 dagar sedan

    hanah looks so depressed

  50. naruto francisco

    naruto francisco

    6 dagar sedan

    he did win the fight

  51. Bob Jenkins

    Bob Jenkins

    7 dagar sedan

    I’m glad that Jarvis won the boxing fight

  52. NRG Hammad

    NRG Hammad

    7 dagar sedan

    That was Sommer Ray in the thumbnail

  53. XH TED

    XH TED

    7 dagar sedan

    What Fraser why you do this

  54. iFlyTy


    7 dagar sedan

    Would u rather be with Hannah or have 5 million dollars Me: I mean he already has 5 million dollars and has Hannah so I mean

  55. Duan Smuts

    Duan Smuts

    7 dagar sedan

    Whos here after Jarvis won the fight🤣

  56. Guillaume van der Eijk

    Guillaume van der Eijk

    7 dagar sedan

    is hannah dutch?

  57. Ketsuki


    7 dagar sedan

    hannah is not beatiful at all

  58. yahir pop

    yahir pop

    7 dagar sedan

    I hate kay

  59. Vex2fly


    7 dagar sedan

    letss goooooooooooo k.o michel le on the floor

  60. Karna


    7 dagar sedan

    Dude like Kay's lonely so hes tryna break other people up

  61. Luca Bosca

    Luca Bosca

    8 dagar sedan

    frazier wants to break em up so he can have her for himself lmao.

  62. Jamiro Finke

    Jamiro Finke

    8 dagar sedan

    Bruh these things never tell the truth lmao

  63. it’s FLXRE

    it’s FLXRE

    8 dagar sedan

    Look at the screen it was just for the views

  64. Swshy


    8 dagar sedan

    Are Hannah and Jarvis actually dating? Can someone please reply

  65. rakno


    8 dagar sedan

    Frazier is a monster

  66. Joker


    8 dagar sedan

    We just found out the impossible 😂

  67. Jubei Lee

    Jubei Lee

    8 dagar sedan

    I think faze Kay likes her and tryan break them up

  68. ManiGamez


    8 dagar sedan

    Ask Kay the questions

  69. Life of Hugo

    Life of Hugo

    8 dagar sedan

    Maiko Paid Frazier off to start messing with jarvis’s head

  70. 123protjigy Perdomo

    123protjigy Perdomo

    8 dagar sedan

    I don’t understand why you steal Preston thumbnell

  71. DD's Gaming and More

    DD's Gaming and More

    8 dagar sedan

    Why is kay trying to Mashup Hannah and Jarvis i literally hate him right now

  72. Skyler Parmentier

    Skyler Parmentier

    8 dagar sedan

    Imagine doing that to ur brother

  73. Michelle Tonge

    Michelle Tonge

    8 dagar sedan


  74. Marialis Reynoso

    Marialis Reynoso

    9 dagar sedan

    Me and my friend Watch you guys in his uncle house

  75. Siah 100k

    Siah 100k

    9 dagar sedan

    Jesus Christ loves

  76. Karen Schee Le

    Karen Schee Le

    9 dagar sedan


  77. niddg viiut

    niddg viiut

    9 dagar sedan

    Absolutely no one: Frazier: we're gonna get serious right now

  78. tufu gaming

    tufu gaming

    9 dagar sedan

    Just go back so sommer hehe

  79. Turtle Hermit

    Turtle Hermit

    9 dagar sedan

    Id pick Hannah over Somer, tho Im sure Somer a cool chick

  80. Malachowski


    9 dagar sedan

    This is why I watch every video

  81. Micah_ YT

    Micah_ YT

    9 dagar sedan

    Jarvis is not going to win the fight

    • niddg viiut

      niddg viiut

      9 dagar sedan

      Man ruined the whole relationship😭😭😭

  82. Idlz


    9 dagar sedan

    Faze Kay why u got to do Jarvis and Hannah like that. Still a big fan

  83. Demonic PG3D

    Demonic PG3D

    10 dagar sedan

    Who realised the truth meter they used is the blush emoji

  84. dolita windo

    dolita windo

    10 dagar sedan

    i feel so sad for hannah :(

  85. Adrianpro143


    10 dagar sedan

    They must feel so annoyed by doing a lie detector test even though they were going to have lunch, I would’ve felt the same way as them

  86. Jack Verville

    Jack Verville

    10 dagar sedan

    idk why frazier has so much pleasure in torturing jarvis

  87. BCMX


    10 dagar sedan

    kay deffo like hannah

  88. C1 swervy

    C1 swervy

    10 dagar sedan

    Come on Kay your so annoying for that

    • dolita windo

      dolita windo

      10 dagar sedan

      that’s insane jarvis

  89. CJ 4

    CJ 4

    10 dagar sedan

    Hannah’s face :( low key felt sad, I want them to date fr, Jarvis bro you won’t find one like Hannah

  90. lessie small

    lessie small

    10 dagar sedan

    The unused stocking startlingly rock because drama sequentially race regarding a nondescript passive. determined, hesitant radiator

  91. Samit Mahat

    Samit Mahat

    10 dagar sedan

    Is jarvis and hannah are really in relationship??

  92. Jaden Hutson

    Jaden Hutson

    10 dagar sedan

    This was so messed up but it was funny

  93. sky L

    sky L

    10 dagar sedan

    frazier u demon

  94. Mehmet68g


    10 dagar sedan


  95. Stxzzy


    10 dagar sedan

    Man ruined the whole relationship😭😭😭

  96. dandan21


    10 dagar sedan


  97. 2 Shady

    2 Shady

    10 dagar sedan

    Why is jarvis dating a girl with a rainbow shirt he can do better

  98. bilinas mini

    bilinas mini

    10 dagar sedan

    Summer be whatching this be like weres jarvis i love him

  99. CrazeyP


    10 dagar sedan

    Oh a big personality you say 😏

  100. BGS Turtlemanz

    BGS Turtlemanz

    10 dagar sedan

    Hannah ways trying not to cry