I'm Moving Away... (not a prank)

I'm Moving Away and had to tell my friends... @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Banks @FaZe Temperrr @RiceGum

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  1. Adrian Bektas

    Adrian Bektas

    Dag sedan

    Didnt he say that all faze members are gonna get kicked out in the other video??

  2. Bloom mushup

    Bloom mushup

    3 dagar sedan

    I thought u got out and my reaction was like 😳TF

  3. Anime 90

    Anime 90

    4 dagar sedan

    Let’s go and you don’t care

  4. cucui8


    6 dagar sedan

    ron and clix school trip to la ron tp get new mic and clix to find corina

  5. Nathan Humyak

    Nathan Humyak

    6 dagar sedan

    Me pls ps5

  6. Tml_elimz Yt Skits

    Tml_elimz Yt Skits

    9 dagar sedan

    Kay banned in fortnite Kay 2021 banned in la

  7. Ashley Daza

    Ashley Daza

    9 dagar sedan

    This is hard 😟😟😭😭

  8. lime_ green

    lime_ green

    10 dagar sedan

    The end of a eara

  9. The life of Eli

    The life of Eli

    17 dagar sedan

    8:50 Ricky dropped the ball “sommers moving into your house, oh yeah and I also had no idea you were leaving to LV” 😂

  10. lingz


    17 dagar sedan

    Hey faze Kay, notice me you wont

    • EL EL

      EL EL

      10 dagar sedan

      Yea he wnt

  11. muhammad azzam

    muhammad azzam

    19 dagar sedan

    Its sad bc the whole ppl living in faze house have to move

  12. Zadon Simpson

    Zadon Simpson

    19 dagar sedan

    Temper always got the freshest fade for his beard

  13. Ahmed Lari

    Ahmed Lari

    20 dagar sedan

    i cried bruh mostly the part that Ronaldo and clix came up ( i remember when i was a kid watching the liking to em and saying i wanna meet them irl but i cant) and that made me cry and now ur moving i really wanted to meet faze clan and joining now hope fully u see my coment been long since i saw faze house yall are in Vegas

  14. Buddy Cooley

    Buddy Cooley

    28 dagar sedan


  15. FaZe Zance ✔️

    FaZe Zance ✔️

    28 dagar sedan

    Is anyone watching at 666k views 👀

  16. Moonnu Chamling

    Moonnu Chamling

    28 dagar sedan

    These group of friends are most realise, loyal to eachother.

  17. Lo-fi Ari

    Lo-fi Ari

    Månad sedan

    Thanks god

  18. Leo Topia

    Leo Topia

    Månad sedan


  19. Brysco


    Månad sedan

    Might as well leave faze 🤷‍♂️

  20. Faze verse TTV sweaty

    Faze verse TTV sweaty

    Månad sedan

    No faze Kay don’t leAve

  21. Peeky BTW

    Peeky BTW

    Månad sedan


  22. Crisspy 98

    Crisspy 98

    Månad sedan

    Wow a ps5 sheesh

  23. Ezra Freddy Frost.

    Ezra Freddy Frost.

    Månad sedan

    This sad



    Månad sedan

    pls dont leave them you are a good team

  25. Faze key

    Faze key

    Månad sedan

    I got a home bei I got you



    Månad sedan

    I remember the shreck head lol

  27. Dream


    Månad sedan

    Don’t leave please

  28. Adrian plays 69

    Adrian plays 69

    Månad sedan


  29. Miniprime 11

    Miniprime 11

    Månad sedan

    I can’t even watch the full vid

  30. Sizzle FF

    Sizzle FF

    Månad sedan

    Good luck Frazier 👌🏽🔥

  31. Sizzle FF

    Sizzle FF

    Månad sedan

    Look at rice so inspirational 😂🔥💖



    Månad sedan

    alex got no mask on like all of the arizonans

  33. PD13 I

    PD13 I

    Månad sedan

    Las Vegas my city 🤟

  34. Roke is the best

    Roke is the best

    Månad sedan

    Least you don't have ref the macro cheater

    • Roke is the best

      Roke is the best

      Månad sedan


  35. Harry Gaming

    Harry Gaming

    Månad sedan

    Plot twist: he's not moving because his heart is still there 💓

  36. Leen AlRahmah

    Leen AlRahmah

    Månad sedan

    Im confused isn’t banks a faze member? Can someone tell me the faze members?

  37. Aziz Alanezi

    Aziz Alanezi

    Månad sedan

    guys, what's a casino?

  38. 1.marzy65


    Månad sedan

    How Many wants banks and the others faze members buy a new faze house in Las Vegas and everyone moves in

  39. Joseph Flauta

    Joseph Flauta

    Månad sedan

    cok'es just a faze bro

  40. JeffSenpai29


    Månad sedan

    damn 2:45 all those dudes and Rice still gets the fan coming up to him......he a legend

  41. Fabgamer 1897

    Fabgamer 1897

    Månad sedan

    Why did he leave?

  42. HRZ_ Rayz

    HRZ_ Rayz

    Månad sedan

    we love you frazier

  43. Hasumeh


    Månad sedan

    sheeeesh rice

  44. Angel Soto

    Angel Soto

    Månad sedan

    I love faze clan. Each one of them are loyal af to eachother

  45. Duysal Yasar

    Duysal Yasar

    Månad sedan


  46. Rixif Fn

    Rixif Fn

    Månad sedan

    Why did he say the old faze house is it not a faze house anymore

  47. Rex Paguirigan

    Rex Paguirigan

    Månad sedan

    Go to Hawaii

  48. Norma Rivas

    Norma Rivas

    Månad sedan


  49. Melissa “msskR” Zingg

    Melissa “msskR” Zingg

    Månad sedan

    I feel like Jarvis was just playing Fort Night here... I know I haven't watched lately but isn't he banned lol. Like we believed he didn't play.

  50. JUDGE


    Månad sedan


  51. 24k_king


    Månad sedan

    the bullshit lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  52. Luke Skywaka

    Luke Skywaka

    Månad sedan


  53. Blake G

    Blake G

    Månad sedan


  54. more adventure

    more adventure

    Månad sedan

    Take Rice with you to Vegas. He needs to get out of LA

  55. D “Dalson” Ned

    D “Dalson” Ned

    Månad sedan

    Rice and Kay are fun

  56. حمدان -_-

    حمدان -_-

    Månad sedan


  57. Krashy


    Månad sedan

    lmao didn’t banks know that you were going to move out before you? lmao

  58. Zent3rzz Shorts

    Zent3rzz Shorts

    Månad sedan

    He just called Addison rae a guys lmao 0:06

  59. DaMaGeDg0oDz


    Månad sedan

    bruh is frasier serious

  60. Theo Mehus

    Theo Mehus

    2 månader sedan

    Good luck

  61. NicoDTB


    2 månader sedan

    kay borderline sounded like he wanted to cry when he sat in rices chair

  62. alyssa _4206

    alyssa _4206

    2 månader sedan

    The fact that banks aid wearing a astros hat has me crying I am a Phillies fane

  63. Virus detective

    Virus detective

    2 månader sedan


  64. Justin ward

    Justin ward

    2 månader sedan

    Who else watching wit air pods??

  65. Alex For real

    Alex For real

    2 månader sedan

    I don't think he lived in there for a year even

  66. vurbfps


    2 månader sedan

    What about faze house miami 2021??!!

  67. Izayah Barnard

    Izayah Barnard

    2 månader sedan

    i thought they all got kicked out

  68. Dizzey OG

    Dizzey OG

    2 månader sedan

    Sendin love kay!

  69. Didier van Gils

    Didier van Gils

    2 månader sedan

    "Tommy,Adapt,Sommer All of the guys" sommer rn: OOF

  70. shannon green

    shannon green

    2 månader sedan

    broooooooooooooooooooooooo im so sad i don't even what to plapys cod no more bro holey mate

  71. PA boxx

    PA boxx

    2 månader sedan

    Love how he says rice, banks, tommy and SOMMER , and then says all of the guys when he clearly said sommer who is a girl

  72. parysa _latoja

    parysa _latoja

    2 månader sedan

    i will cry

  73. Mark lester Espino

    Mark lester Espino

    2 månader sedan


  74. PLOTZ


    2 månader sedan

    I can’t believe you’re getting kicked out just because of a video.. people can be so petty

  75. Etika Ribss

    Etika Ribss

    2 månader sedan


  76. xFrenzy


    2 månader sedan

    wait yall not wearing mask when going out?-

  77. Hussleman1


    2 månader sedan

    Mfs in the comments on each video do not understand that homeless doesn't mean your broke 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  78. Dexterous


    2 månader sedan

    Done, Hey can you please me give me the ps5 I have never had any PS in my entire life or an XBoX so all my friends tease me owing to my financial condition I never ask my parents abpit it too please please

  79. SC Alpha

    SC Alpha

    2 månader sedan

    I luv how Kay included sommer but then said guys and boys

  80. Nadezhda Gorbenko

    Nadezhda Gorbenko

    2 månader sedan

    When? .....did I ask



    2 månader sedan

    Did he actually makr justin beiber mad or its jst cap

  82. Giovanni Sanchez

    Giovanni Sanchez

    2 månader sedan

    Why is he leaving the FaZe house? Does anyone know?

  83. Aaron Colkett

    Aaron Colkett

    2 månader sedan

    Why u moving???????????

  84. TOP11PlaYZツ


    2 månader sedan

    Banks is such a great guy bro

  85. ツResistVx


    2 månader sedan

    I live in Vegas as well lol

  86. zXy


    2 månader sedan


  87. Monke Oprah

    Monke Oprah

    2 månader sedan

    I hate the way kay talks

  88. Zafrm1300


    2 månader sedan

    So many memories 🤧

  89. Zafrm1300


    2 månader sedan


  90. Savage da youngin

    Savage da youngin

    2 månader sedan

    Omg I love in las vages

  91. Savage da youngin

    Savage da youngin

    2 månader sedan

    Can I have tour spot I love faze its bean my dream I dont live far from la it would make my life .

  92. dinpuia hmar

    dinpuia hmar

    2 månader sedan


  93. SWIX JXD


    2 månader sedan

    Why. Did they move

  94. Polsca


    2 månader sedan

    so why is kay leaving LA?

  95. kylo cummins

    kylo cummins

    2 månader sedan

    What are you and Jarvis doing

  96. Gojko Mateljak

    Gojko Mateljak

    2 månader sedan

    Sommer is a guy😐

  97. Louie on YT

    Louie on YT

    2 månader sedan

    Congrats who found this comment early well done

  98. Chimi King

    Chimi King

    2 månader sedan

    My respect to banks wen he said "stay away from the casino"❤❤❤❤❤ he knows that casino could get u broke and he doesn't want his friend to be broke

  99. Dire TV

    Dire TV

    2 månader sedan

    I didn’t fully understand what’s up but I just feel like it’s the end of faze and they’re splitting up 😂