My TESLA Controls My Life For 24 Hours!

I Let My Tesla Control My Life For 24 Hours. I can't believe this happened. ft. @HanRidge @FaZe Jarvis

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  1. Altlanta braves highlights

    Altlanta braves highlights

    17 timmar sedan

    1:32 Hannah into the unone

  2. Beebeyy


    23 timmar sedan


  3. Ian


    Dag sedan

    Bro but his only 18 or 19 idk

  4. T 98

    T 98

    Dag sedan

    1:58 thats why u shouldn't drop out of school

  5. zetsus


    Dag sedan

    5:36 Jarvis " imagine just jumping 😂

  6. Tyler Weikel

    Tyler Weikel

    Dag sedan

    my birthday is june 28 to

  7. veyronfirexd


    2 dagar sedan

    Yo Jarvis face when the Tesla said lucky wedding

  8. Madanga Nkhumeleni

    Madanga Nkhumeleni

    3 dagar sedan

    Elon musck is South African

  9. Roblox_bandi


    3 dagar sedan

    They in the hood that’s where my grandma lives

  10. Zy Boom

    Zy Boom

    3 dagar sedan

    Hannah’s birthday is three days before my brothers birthday June 25th

  11. Zulem Martinez

    Zulem Martinez

    3 dagar sedan


  12. Duda Muller

    Duda Muller

    4 dagar sedan

    Bro Javier was like no me im like run it for the wedding

  13. squadgaming Johnson

    squadgaming Johnson

    5 dagar sedan

    Who is here when Jarvis knocked out Michel le

  14. shamma Alkhazraji

    shamma Alkhazraji

    5 dagar sedan

    I really ship Jarvis and hanna 💖

  15. Matthew JR. Mahammud

    Matthew JR. Mahammud

    5 dagar sedan

    Me to June the 28th

  16. SPAZ Pricty

    SPAZ Pricty

    6 dagar sedan

    My hands were sweating when they went on the ride

  17. SPAZ Pricty

    SPAZ Pricty

    6 dagar sedan

    1:58 WHAAAT



    6 dagar sedan

    0:27 lol

  19. ɪʀᴀɪɴ ʙɪɴᴅɪ

    ɪʀᴀɪɴ ʙɪɴᴅɪ

    6 dagar sedan

    That’s where my grandparents got married

  20. YT_FASKEツ


    6 dagar sedan

    Look at all the amnimals

  21. cony 54

    cony 54

    6 dagar sedan

    I thought that rollercoaster was going to drop them

  22. King JJ Frazier

    King JJ Frazier

    6 dagar sedan

    Notice how he said aminals

  23. RJ Gomez

    RJ Gomez

    6 dagar sedan

    “we’re used to the green, right?” heheh

  24. Springsツ


    7 dagar sedan

    thats crazy me hannah and elon musk have the same birthday!!!!!

  25. unknow supreme

    unknow supreme

    7 dagar sedan

    The girl is annoying

  26. The Griddy Eagles fan

    The Griddy Eagles fan

    7 dagar sedan

    It's so obvious they didn't actually marry each other.

  27. Cristian Flores

    Cristian Flores

    8 dagar sedan

    Tbh sea urchin is 🔥

  28. israel logologo

    israel logologo

    8 dagar sedan


  29. (Leo) Kantanat Srirojanant

    (Leo) Kantanat Srirojanant

    9 dagar sedan

    faze kay really jus said aminals 1:26

  30. LateNightleel (leel)

    LateNightleel (leel)

    9 dagar sedan

    Bruh 6:56 IM F***ING DYING XD

  31. AB TWO ICY


    9 dagar sedan

    That's not bigger then the cn tower

  32. Puto Brunox

    Puto Brunox

    10 dagar sedan

    Faze Kay 2021

  33. Zac Day

    Zac Day

    10 dagar sedan

    wtf r these mans hours

  34. Santiago Noguera Salvo

    Santiago Noguera Salvo

    10 dagar sedan

    Elon mosk THATS so cap 🤣

  35. sbazain


    11 dagar sedan

    aminals is all I got to say



    12 dagar sedan

    Ayo jarvis can i take sommer den?

  37. Tristan William

    Tristan William

    12 dagar sedan

    Did anybody hear aminales or is it just me

  38. AJ Cinco

    AJ Cinco

    12 dagar sedan

    8:38 miso soup is awesome

  39. Faariah Lagardien Lagardien

    Faariah Lagardien Lagardien

    12 dagar sedan


  40. Daniel Zepeda

    Daniel Zepeda

    13 dagar sedan

    Pls don’t put that girl in any other videos

  41. Iseah Cumberbatch

    Iseah Cumberbatch

    14 dagar sedan

    i just skipped that marriage part someone tell me what happend

  42. RMextreme 574

    RMextreme 574

    15 dagar sedan

    Dude my birthday is the same day as faze banks it is October 18

  43. VezFN


    15 dagar sedan

    “Look how many *AMINALS* there is” Faze Kay. - 2021

  44. Fortnite pro 69

    Fortnite pro 69

    15 dagar sedan

    Fn Dino 🦕

  45. Controller Ryftツ

    Controller Ryftツ

    17 dagar sedan

    Hannah is 49?!????!!!!

  46. 666 ꪜ

    666 ꪜ

    17 dagar sedan


  47. retro_ atomic

    retro_ atomic

    18 dagar sedan

    kay be speaking like look at the aminals lol mans from england and still can't speak propely

  48. Marwan Abduljaleel

    Marwan Abduljaleel

    18 dagar sedan

    I love how Kay says you wanna race man you wanna race tasla

  49. BAD PRO00

    BAD PRO00

    18 dagar sedan

    I m also 18 June

  50. Ilan Irshad

    Ilan Irshad

    18 dagar sedan

    I’ve never cringed so hard in any video than I have in the marriage scene

  51. Lew Thedood

    Lew Thedood

    18 dagar sedan

    Jarvis is 18 and Hanna is 24

  52. NateFN


    19 dagar sedan

    ummmmmm when Hannah said she had the same birthday as Elon musk you guys know that Elon musk is 49 years old right...............

  53. Rhyno Rudy

    Rhyno Rudy

    19 dagar sedan

    I don’t see that cameraman on the car 🚘🧐

  54. Thumbless Fan

    Thumbless Fan

    20 dagar sedan

    Happy birthday han

  55. Thumbless Fan

    Thumbless Fan

    20 dagar sedan

    My birthday is on June the 12

  56. Clifton Wilson

    Clifton Wilson

    20 dagar sedan


  57. LIGHT-AK


    20 dagar sedan

    Kay said aminals

  58. LIGHT-AK


    20 dagar sedan

    She was putting her hands up and she wasn’t even driving when jay was on auto pilot

  59. NicRBLX


    20 dagar sedan

    Look how many aminals are there -Kay 2021

  60. Alexandre Cardoso

    Alexandre Cardoso

    21 dag sedan

    Aminals kay?

  61. Chanté Holster

    Chanté Holster

    21 dag sedan

    Do you know that Elon Musk is from South Africa not America

  62. Amina Mohammed

    Amina Mohammed

    22 dagar sedan

    Did they actually get married

  63. Yeet Docter

    Yeet Docter

    22 dagar sedan

    That also means that they have to smash

  64. Hoxnie


    23 dagar sedan

    Faze gay

  65. InvincibleSHSRLC


    28 dagar sedan

    1:26 Kay: “aminals”🤣

  66. Jacob Flores

    Jacob Flores

    29 dagar sedan

    That pink dome is circus circus you should go it’s really fun

  67. Katusiime Hillary

    Katusiime Hillary

    Månad sedan

    ,l love your videos! I am in Uganda

  68. brittany hicks

    brittany hicks

    Månad sedan

    Hey you don't have the same birthday one must

  69. Jamar Davis

    Jamar Davis

    Månad sedan

    Everyone follow me on Instagram veri.fxed_clipxz

  70. EliteCrime


    Månad sedan

    When fortnite kids go outside

  71. Danielis Andruskevicius

    Danielis Andruskevicius

    Månad sedan

    Kay your brother got married in my birthday

  72. Rufia Begum

    Rufia Begum

    Månad sedan

    Fiji water 😂😂😂😂

  73. Rufia Begum

    Rufia Begum

    Månad sedan

    Frazier do you actually pronounce animals aminals

  74. liam gonzales

    liam gonzales

    Månad sedan

    like bro why

  75. liam gonzales

    liam gonzales

    Månad sedan

    why are you guys whereing masks?

  76. Lil Rebzz

    Lil Rebzz

    Månad sedan

    my birth day is 29 june

  77. clixer__


    Månad sedan

    So she is 50

  78. family fun

    family fun

    Månad sedan

    Birch Khalifa is the biggest tower in the world

  79. PHaNTXM


    Månad sedan

    ᶜᵃⁿ ⁱ ᵍᵃⁱⁿ ˢᵒᵐᵉ ˢᵘᵇˢ

  80. Roberto Diez

    Roberto Diez

    Månad sedan

    I was sitting one year ago in the same sit as Jarvis is in the green ride

  81. Phisycal Recon

    Phisycal Recon

    Månad sedan

    Lol I am watching a video about the really tall tower roller coaster thing before now I see this lol

  82. Corvus buck

    Corvus buck

    Månad sedan

    why is hannah barely in vids now

  83. Yung Splif

    Yung Splif

    Månad sedan

    Hannah of a perc

  84. Camar Graves

    Camar Graves

    Månad sedan

    8:05 mans said we are going to the “hood”

  85. demon slayer

    demon slayer

    Månad sedan

    I live in Nevada

  86. barnetto


    Månad sedan

    They make a great couple and should get married

  87. nasKal


    Månad sedan

    Lol jarvis was driving

  88. joey fortune

    joey fortune

    Månad sedan

    Aw is it my ears hurt from that

  89. ريري زين

    ريري زين

    Månad sedan

    congrats 😎😎😎😎

  90. poggers moggers

    poggers moggers

    Månad sedan

    I was dying at 2:18

  91. Tidal Twister Gaming

    Tidal Twister Gaming

    Månad sedan

    i love this video so much



    Månad sedan

    So wht is wrong wit da hood tht is messed up if u ask me

  93. Monica Burgos

    Monica Burgos

    Månad sedan

    kay said aminals

  94. Blue Jedi (blue jedi)

    Blue Jedi (blue jedi)

    Månad sedan

    hannahs logic at 0:55 is like saying that if watermelons are 92 percent water and i can walk on watermelons that means im 92 percent jesus lol

  95. pactonix __

    pactonix __

    Månad sedan

    @ 1:23 kay was like " look how many aminal there is " 😂😂

  96. Dylan Shakley

    Dylan Shakley

    Månad sedan

    6mill bro

  97. Andrieboy vlog

    Andrieboy vlog

    Månad sedan

    Luky jarvis

  98. Andrieboy vlog

    Andrieboy vlog

    Månad sedan


  99. --


    Månad sedan

    Check out $GMR it's a gaming token doing big stuff.

  100. Alain Aparicio

    Alain Aparicio

    Månad sedan

    I thought Hannah was vegan