100 Layers of Fortnite Materials Vs FaZe Jarvis

Extreme 100 Layers of Fortnite Materials Challenge *Wood vs Brick vs Metal* ft. @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Kay

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  1. FaZe Kay

    FaZe Kay

    Månad sedan

    subscribe or we'll destroy ur house

    • Chris ._.

      Chris ._.

      6 dagar sedan

      No plaese



      15 dagar sedan

      You don't no where I live though

    • Moeketsi smous

      Moeketsi smous

      16 dagar sedan

      @Lil Gamer xl ??

    • Lil Gamer xl

      Lil Gamer xl

      16 dagar sedan

      @Moeketsi smous yea were do you live

    • Papa Grande

      Papa Grande

      20 dagar sedan

      I don’t have a house

  2. Yvonne Hunkin

    Yvonne Hunkin

    2 timmar sedan

    Jarvis knocked the brick out like he knocked out micheal lee 💀 😂

  3. Jay boii

    Jay boii

    13 timmar sedan

    Who clean dis up

  4. Saimir Kraja

    Saimir Kraja

    Dag sedan

    Bro i love sardines

  5. D


    Dag sedan

    Just get a M4 or an acl from cod it's aight

  6. Joshua Denn II

    Joshua Denn II

    3 dagar sedan

    Who is here after the knockout

  7. inosuke hashibira alt account

    inosuke hashibira alt account

    3 dagar sedan

    Rip to the person who cleaned this up

  8. Trey Shipp

    Trey Shipp

    4 dagar sedan

    who’s here when people live on mars?

  9. FleX Clan

    FleX Clan

    4 dagar sedan

    Imma do the cricket throw . Shows baseball throw

  10. Khaled Khashashneh

    Khaled Khashashneh

    4 dagar sedan

    Reinforce it, only save the world fan will get what I said

  11. Blank__yt


    4 dagar sedan

    Ayyo u said so far down ur throat yo I not trying tha say but ur gay

  12. Jack Cleaver

    Jack Cleaver

    4 dagar sedan

    what happened to the 100 layers

  13. Zoila Higareda

    Zoila Higareda

    4 dagar sedan


  14. George Jordan

    George Jordan

    5 dagar sedan

    Pov ur here after jarvis ko'd michael le

  15. Cayden Smith

    Cayden Smith

    5 dagar sedan

    Does I take that long to break a wall though

  16. Kane Jarnigan

    Kane Jarnigan

    5 dagar sedan

    Lmao Jarvis had a whole hammer but couldn’t figure out how to get the nails out he was using the right by side

  17. Danerpro213


    5 dagar sedan

    Faze Kay:Smack it yes Me: Pause



    5 dagar sedan


  19. ItzNathanK


    5 dagar sedan

    Who is here after Jarvis knocking Michael Le out 😂

    • D


      Dag sedan


    • Nxck_Scopes ツ

      Nxck_Scopes ツ

      2 dagar sedan


    • Skites1


      5 dagar sedan


  20. Elam Yarber

    Elam Yarber

    5 dagar sedan

    I’m telling epic

  21. spoken scrape

    spoken scrape

    6 dagar sedan


  22. Otomars Kocins

    Otomars Kocins

    6 dagar sedan

    After this vidio jarvis start cring Dont hate me jarvis just a joke

  23. barmy_flannel9 STREET_BOSS

    barmy_flannel9 STREET_BOSS

    6 dagar sedan

    thats exercise for boxing

  24. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith

    6 dagar sedan

    What it feels like to brake in some ones box who has 0 ping.



    6 dagar sedan

    Frazier asked what a wrench was 😂

  26. footmcfOOT _18

    footmcfOOT _18

    6 dagar sedan

    literally the most sus vid from frazier

  27. Chance Xiong

    Chance Xiong

    6 dagar sedan

    Bro... Just edit it😃👍🏼

  28. Bradley Heath

    Bradley Heath

    6 dagar sedan

    Was it fun cleaning lol. 😂😂

  29. Mikey Mccoll

    Mikey Mccoll

    7 dagar sedan

    Fam said 2k Jordans there's a tag £85

  30. ben flores

    ben flores

    7 dagar sedan

    they couldve bought some of those things

  31. Sighrs


    7 dagar sedan

    Lmao the jordans said 85.99$

  32. fnaf master

    fnaf master

    8 dagar sedan

    JUST EDIT!?!?!??!?

  33. Tom Cohesive Constructions

    Tom Cohesive Constructions

    8 dagar sedan

    i like fortnite

  34. Wayland Fields

    Wayland Fields

    8 dagar sedan

    8:34 WOAHHHHHh

  35. Nicky Castillo

    Nicky Castillo

    8 dagar sedan

    Why couldn't Jarvis cheat he could have faze through the wall

    • Fabian Ceja

      Fabian Ceja

      7 dagar sedan

      Omg so funny 😑

  36. Abdullah tiger

    Abdullah tiger

    9 dagar sedan

    Am bot gonna watch kay because his voice

  37. Kieran Lobo

    Kieran Lobo

    9 dagar sedan

    He didn't do a forfeit for that toothpaste

  38. Guiseppe Conte

    Guiseppe Conte

    9 dagar sedan

    Imagine Epic Games banned Jarvis for this to 😂😂

  39. Michael Page

    Michael Page

    9 dagar sedan

    Bro someone needs to give the Dangie Bros some credit for all the videos that they got from them.

  40. Savage Zak

    Savage Zak

    10 dagar sedan

    I feel like the brick was easier than the wood

  41. TheGency 15

    TheGency 15

    10 dagar sedan

    Repent for your sins to God thank him and pray to him

  42. Rayzor jrr

    Rayzor jrr

    10 dagar sedan

    Destroy my house

  43. Ghosty


    10 dagar sedan

    He’s tired but he’s keep doing it

  44. CecoPro_99


    10 dagar sedan

    Imagine not editing 🙄

  45. ZenitsuXXX


    11 dagar sedan

    I hope u guys get ur faze house back

  46. Jed Lindsay-Ola

    Jed Lindsay-Ola

    11 dagar sedan

    “Let’s do the cricket throw” Shows a photo of baseball 😂😂

    • Cricks FN

      Cricks FN

      5 dagar sedan

      Init that is such an American thing to do lol

  47. Fanta. Official

    Fanta. Official

    12 dagar sedan

    Anyone gonna talk ab the fact Jarvis is wearing motor cross armour????? 😂 🤣 😂 🤣

  48. RubixLando


    13 dagar sedan

    No wonder wood so expensive they bought all of it

  49. Kenny Puent

    Kenny Puent

    13 dagar sedan

    The biggest tool of them all and a quick jab at Bryce Hall was the best! That made this video so funny!

  50. s.u.s OMOGUS

    s.u.s OMOGUS

    14 dagar sedan

    Randomly nikan: undwrrated

  51. Arctic Dyno

    Arctic Dyno

    14 dagar sedan

    Kay carried hard jarvis just stood back

  52. Crafting boy2289

    Crafting boy2289

    15 dagar sedan

    I like how faze kay is doing everything and jarvis is just standing there

  53. jlixiin._


    15 dagar sedan

    4:59 to 5:04 is crack up

  54. Dane Is ur dad

    Dane Is ur dad

    15 dagar sedan

    That $2000 pair of shoes as you can see by the tag was really $85

  55. Sirinity Tobias

    Sirinity Tobias

    16 dagar sedan

    Y does this vid sound so sus 😳

  56. isiahmas adoir

    isiahmas adoir

    17 dagar sedan


  57. Chris Bowditch

    Chris Bowditch

    18 dagar sedan

    I love the vids

  58. Ammar Alamro

    Ammar Alamro

    18 dagar sedan


  59. Juicy R0k3t

    Juicy R0k3t

    19 dagar sedan

    Why don’t they use the nail taker side to get the nails out ???

  60. Roger Solis

    Roger Solis

    19 dagar sedan

    he’s like liu kang in mortal kombat 😂😂😂😂😂

  61. Brythan Rivas

    Brythan Rivas

    19 dagar sedan

    Kay: yes Jarvis yes Jarvis yes Jarvis

  62. Narutoclips 123

    Narutoclips 123

    20 dagar sedan

    That money was edited

  63. Cyber Frost

    Cyber Frost

    20 dagar sedan

    Bro I swear they broke brick faster than wood

  64. August Stemann Johansen

    August Stemann Johansen

    22 dagar sedan

    8:35 that's wht she said

  65. Alex Kalashyan

    Alex Kalashyan

    23 dagar sedan

    This is so good for jarvis Workouts

  66. BlxnksFN


    23 dagar sedan

    If Jarvis got unbanned I wonder if he would be able to handle it... 🧐

  67. Lina Al Saad

    Lina Al Saad

    24 dagar sedan


  68. Lewin Rees

    Lewin Rees

    24 dagar sedan

    This is 100 layers of fortnite Kranji Nes

  69. WellsFN


    25 dagar sedan

    Congrats on 6 Mil 🥳🥳

  70. Harvey lee Knocks

    Harvey lee Knocks

    26 dagar sedan

    9:42 had me laughing

  71. Fløatzy


    26 dagar sedan

    8:35 PAUSE

  72. NBA blood gang

    NBA blood gang

    27 dagar sedan


  73. NBA blood gang

    NBA blood gang

    27 dagar sedan

    Faze Kay : I’m tired Jarvis this mustache makes me look good

  74. Ernie MX

    Ernie MX

    28 dagar sedan

    Jarvis is mering a motocross amer

  75. Gracen Guin

    Gracen Guin

    28 dagar sedan

    “that thing went so far down my throat”😐



    29 dagar sedan

    }Free Jarvis

  77. Dragon Beast

    Dragon Beast

    29 dagar sedan

    Where's temperr

  78. Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez

    Månad sedan

    Wait they could of lift the box in the beginning 💀

  79. Maaz Imran

    Maaz Imran

    Månad sedan

    You could losen the nails with the metal thing

  80. Maaz Imran

    Maaz Imran

    Månad sedan

    You know you hand could take off the metal

  81. Jeremiah Lopez

    Jeremiah Lopez

    Månad sedan

    5:18 Chun li kicks from fortnite

  82. elapziy


    Månad sedan

    Actual diamonds shows gold

  83. Jamar Davis

    Jamar Davis

    Månad sedan

    Everyone follow me on Instagram veri.fxed_clipxz

  84. Sebastian Tang

    Sebastian Tang

    Månad sedan

    lmao what is this bro???

  85. Clx Grady

    Clx Grady

    Månad sedan

    FaZe Kay please pin this I have never been pinned by a insane youtuber like you I love u guys please make this happen

  86. JADEN L


    Månad sedan

    I like fornite

  87. DA onsdags

    DA onsdags

    Månad sedan

    8:21 its a swedish thing made to screw things

  88. Trampoline Basketball

    Trampoline Basketball

    Månad sedan

    Can I have the chain

  89. jjshawzx YT

    jjshawzx YT

    Månad sedan

    I tought this was jarvis was playing fornight

  90. y2k_ _Trix

    y2k_ _Trix

    Månad sedan

    11:46 Look very closely at the jordans they are 85 bucks lmfaoo

    • Oliver Winn

      Oliver Winn

      17 dagar sedan

      @Joel Guinness yessir factz lol

    • Joel Guinness

      Joel Guinness

      24 dagar sedan


  91. PHaNTXM


    Månad sedan

    ᶜᵃⁿ ⁱ ᵍᵃⁱⁿ ˢᵒᵐᵉ ˢᵘᵇˢ

  92. Adrian Matista Jr

    Adrian Matista Jr

    Månad sedan

    question how it jumping on metal going to help? not going to lie the made my laugh lol.😆

  93. 卐 Maizee卐

    卐 Maizee卐

    Månad sedan

    Just brushing ur teeth and drinking Orange Juice is nasty but when u actually brush ur teeth not put toothpaste in ur mouth wit it and drink orange juice

  94. 卐 Maizee卐

    卐 Maizee卐

    Månad sedan

    Wish I could do that😒

  95. NIK Q

    NIK Q

    Månad sedan

    Just edit it bruhhh

  96. nguyen holden

    nguyen holden

    Månad sedan

    Why in white shoes frazer

  97. Dweam 2.0# Supreme2662 on Xbox

    Dweam 2.0# Supreme2662 on Xbox

    Månad sedan

    New song idea Fortnite mode huhhh

  98. TTV_ON_Baby69


    Månad sedan

    Everyone playin until Jarvis and Kay go ultra instinct 🤣😂

  99. Teebo Alnour

    Teebo Alnour

    Månad sedan

    Say what you want sardine, salt and lemon. Bomb sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  100. Vaughn Bronn

    Vaughn Bronn

    Månad sedan

    8:34 that's what she said